Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bertram Mills Elephants, Oklahoma--1947

There is another one of those "paralyzed trunks" again.

Unknown Circus

Unknown Circus--1923

Unknown Circus--1925

Elephant House--Regents Park-- Lithograph 1850

Why must the Circus cast aspersions on another animal industry, in order to justify themselves.



Dear Mr Lacey - Just a quick message of sincere thanks to you and your company for bringing elephants back to the circus in this country. Having read the Defra report and many other published articles regarding the welfare of large captive animals, I fully agree that making these magnificent animals accessible to a wider audience will promote greater interest in their preservation and welfare, and I disagree with all those who will undoubtedly be sending you opinions to the contrary on a largely uninformed or mistaken basis. Historically, circus elephant welfare has been of a variable standard, but it's clear to me that your company has carefully considered all the issues concerned and will give these elephants the best possible physical and mental care. I'd argue that their lives may be less stressful than their wild cousins, and certainly better than those of many zoo elephants around the world. Sincerely, Rob Clark (Croydon)



Somebody please find me an example of the Zoo industry, the rodeo industry, the horse show industry, or any other animal performance,sport/show industry using the circus as an example of how much better they are compared to the circus. Yet the circus has done it for years, and continues to do it on a daily basis to sell tickets/hang paper. Why? Let it stand on it's merits. The folks will see it, I am sure.

For Jim Alexander--Dierenpark Emmen in the Netherlands

I wonder if that structure/pile of rocks at one end of the exhibit is the entrance way to the the down steps to underneath? Is that the case, Steve? I would sure hate to have to go in there to get Radza, if he decided he did not want to come in. LOL

High End Pie Car and "Keep Their Value In Any Econmy" Dukie Books

The circus arrives with its own catering facility. Here you see the circus workers, from those who clean out to the animals to the stars of the show. Each has a lunch ticket and once they've collected their lunch, they'll eat in the tented area beyond.

"It was suggested in a past post by a British colleague that the circus was lucky to have Monte Carlo to give it class and sophistication!!!!!!!! If it didn't say Krone, I would have been fooled into thinking this was the Tavern on the Green."

Elephants--Monte Carlo

I wonder if these elephants know that this tent, where they sleep, is alongside one of the most expensive apartment buildings in Monte Carlo?
" To respond to the comment above posted with this picture, if they suffer post traumatic stress syndrome, have their own language, love performing, and are members of circus families, then I suppose we have to assume they know they are standing/sleeping alongside one of the most expensive apartment buildings in Monte Carlo. But that would depend on who you ask?"

Yucropeaican Style

The photo above is a conundrum. Technically it has an animal act, an audience, it is motorized and travels from city to city to entertain so it is a Circus/Cirque, or if you want to be politically incorrect call it a carnival/fair, because there is no tent or horror of horror's, a ring. It did perform in Circus's in the past, both tent and building's with a ring, and the habitats for the animals are the best money can buy, so let's grab a hold of it and call it Circus, so we can reference it to the press as industry animal standards. Only one problem, the term I have always heard, "straw house", I understood to mean not an empty seat in the house, not a ticket to be had. But now I am confused because " packing them in" would seem to mean the same thing as a straw house. But it doesn't, it means what we see on this clip:


And so that everybody understands, and get's on the same page, P.T. Barnum said, "Every crowd has a silver lining." He did not say, "There is a sucker born every minute." And if Brits want to come to the colonies for an elephant ride, as has been suggested, that's fine. That means there will be more scones for the Colonist's to eat, when they are over there touring the birth place of John Lennon.

Historically this is what was known as a Yugoslavian/European style. It changed to a Croatian/European style combined with an American style which is now know as the "Yucropeaican style, unless political unrest changes it." The photos above are of a Yucropeaican feline habitat/unit, or beast wagon/cages if you want to be politically incorrect. The photos below are of a Yucropeaican corporate office/world head quarters, or winter quarters/yard, if you want to be politically incorrect.

Circus Progress always put's animal family members first

Falck Family Circus above 1957 and below 2008. The progress that was first done for the animals, after all they are like children and members of the family and deserved the changes first, has continued to the human inhabitants of the industry.

Wolfgang Holtzmair

Call me a Circus Fan, call me nostalgic, call me non progressive, even old fashioned. All I know is when I think of Circus Amar, I think of the greatness of a Wolfgang Holtzmair.

Combined winterquarters for Circus Amar, and Achille, Stephan, and Gino Zavatta

Falck Family Circus above in 1957 and below in 2008. We have to appreciate the advancement into the 21st century adhering to tradition, while progressing to a new era.

As everything has been phony/self serving papered and labeled European style or American style, while still remaining "Circus", and as this is France, I guess we would be right in assuming it is the European style? I am really glad we have eliminated those terrible "tethers", like the horse above is wearing. It improved the animals standard of living ten fold, and the "Circus" industry should be leaving the Baltrop term "soft target" in the dust soon enough, as we continue onward and upward.

Combined winterquarters for Circus Amar, and Achille, Stephan, and Gino Zavatta

Albert Falck above and Roger and Julot Falck below. Roger if you remember won 3rd place at Monte Carlo this past winter.

Is that a bullet hole in the red support frame? LOL

Jean Falck above and below with Gaby Falck.

Combined winterquarters for Circus Amar, and Achille, Stephan, and Gino Zavatta

Jungle Larry Tetzlaff

Hawthorns first and only "two-person" cage act, since the Paramount bear act in the mid 50's.

Dick Clemens--1950(I want to make sure everybody know's this is 1950, and not 2009)

Antoine Bauer

Unknown Presenter

Bobby Gibbs--Siberian Zebras

These animals are "definitely" the real deal, as Bobby Gibbs would never attempt any type of hocum. Coming from Siberia, an area that is cold and snow covered for much of the year, the Siberian Zebra is "whiter" them their African cousins, and illusion given the narrower striping. They are also more prehistoric "donkey" looking with the easily identifiable ^^^ striping pattern on their shoulders.

Without a doubt, this picture of Terrell Jacobs has been altered!!!

An altered photo?

If you look closely at this photo, it looks like it has been altered and tigers added. The "tail" on the tiger on the left is not his tail, and his posture is almost identical to the posture of the tiger on the ball. The tiger on the right surely was an afterthought. I suspect a great many of these old photo's were altered if you study them close. The "stretch boards" on the side of the pedestals are also odd. The one in the middle with one seems like it should be on the end, and the one on the end with two seems like it should be in the middle.

Jules Jacot

Jim Alexander, do you know if these "Court looking" seats were made out of wood or were they some type of metal? They have an odd curvature to the sides. The round stretch boards above the back seats, look very similar to the stretch seats on the front of Pat Anthony tiger seats. As round is not a common shape, I wonder if Pat got the idea here?

Jules Jacot

Circus Krone

If I understand the letter correctly, Martin is not doing the lion act, but instead doing a "training show" with the new cats. Is that correct? It doesn't sound right.

Courtesy of Sven