Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wolfgang Holtzmair

Call me a Circus Fan, call me nostalgic, call me non progressive, even old fashioned. All I know is when I think of Circus Amar, I think of the greatness of a Wolfgang Holtzmair.


Vincent said...

I haven't been to the blog in some time and I definitely plan on making a better effort to visit More often in 2010.

Going thru postings from the past few months this pic stood out for me. My first circus was RBBB in 1971 and that show featured GGW and Wolfgang H. I'm certain their animals were the first live big cats I'd ever seen. Like you say Wade "The circus bit me and it's still got ahold"

I still have the program my mother bought me that night. I think Wolfgang also presented liberty horses that night too.

A few years later when the show was in town I would go down to the San Diego Sports Arena and watch them load the lions and tigers in and out of the Arena for the show.

One afternoon some other kids and I are waiting around the back of the arena watching various performers come and go and then I see Wolfgang H. coming. When he gets close enough I ask "aren't you the Lion Tamer? aren't you in the show?" He smiled, looked at his daughter who was walking with him, then looked back at me shook his head and says "No" still smiling and continued on his way. I just stood there thinking "I've got the circus program at home I'd know that Elvis hair anywhere, your the guy!!"

Wade G. Burck said...

Nice story. I was lucky to have my brother, who now lives in France, working for me when I was on Ringling in 84-87. When I was asked that question, I could reply, "No, that's him over there by the tigers."