Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yucropeaican Style

The photo above is a conundrum. Technically it has an animal act, an audience, it is motorized and travels from city to city to entertain so it is a Circus/Cirque, or if you want to be politically incorrect call it a carnival/fair, because there is no tent or horror of horror's, a ring. It did perform in Circus's in the past, both tent and building's with a ring, and the habitats for the animals are the best money can buy, so let's grab a hold of it and call it Circus, so we can reference it to the press as industry animal standards. Only one problem, the term I have always heard, "straw house", I understood to mean not an empty seat in the house, not a ticket to be had. But now I am confused because " packing them in" would seem to mean the same thing as a straw house. But it doesn't, it means what we see on this clip:


And so that everybody understands, and get's on the same page, P.T. Barnum said, "Every crowd has a silver lining." He did not say, "There is a sucker born every minute." And if Brits want to come to the colonies for an elephant ride, as has been suggested, that's fine. That means there will be more scones for the Colonist's to eat, when they are over there touring the birth place of John Lennon.

Historically this is what was known as a Yugoslavian/European style. It changed to a Croatian/European style combined with an American style which is now know as the "Yucropeaican style, unless political unrest changes it." The photos above are of a Yucropeaican feline habitat/unit, or beast wagon/cages if you want to be politically incorrect. The photos below are of a Yucropeaican corporate office/world head quarters, or winter quarters/yard, if you want to be politically incorrect.

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