Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why must the Circus cast aspersions on another animal industry, in order to justify themselves.



Dear Mr Lacey - Just a quick message of sincere thanks to you and your company for bringing elephants back to the circus in this country. Having read the Defra report and many other published articles regarding the welfare of large captive animals, I fully agree that making these magnificent animals accessible to a wider audience will promote greater interest in their preservation and welfare, and I disagree with all those who will undoubtedly be sending you opinions to the contrary on a largely uninformed or mistaken basis. Historically, circus elephant welfare has been of a variable standard, but it's clear to me that your company has carefully considered all the issues concerned and will give these elephants the best possible physical and mental care. I'd argue that their lives may be less stressful than their wild cousins, and certainly better than those of many zoo elephants around the world. Sincerely, Rob Clark (Croydon)



Somebody please find me an example of the Zoo industry, the rodeo industry, the horse show industry, or any other animal performance,sport/show industry using the circus as an example of how much better they are compared to the circus. Yet the circus has done it for years, and continues to do it on a daily basis to sell tickets/hang paper. Why? Let it stand on it's merits. The folks will see it, I am sure.


Don said...

Wade, I'm not gonna wind myself up too tight if I can help it about this clown. All i ask is "has this goof ever been around elephants?" I bet a month's pay he hasn't. Nuff said.

Wade G. Burck said...

In an effort not to get your knickers in anymore of a knot, then they are justified in being I have t ask who you mean: "has this goof ever been around elephants?" The man who wrote the note, the circus owner who posted it and has been quoted, expressing the same sentiments in the past, or his "spokesman" who suggests the elephants are worked with nothing but the voice and a finger wave? Are you as put off by Prince Albert who suggested to the world that animals don't belong in zoo's, while giving awards to trained/captive elephants and felines in his cheek kiss circus? Mr. Lacey will fight Born Free and then suck up to Prince Albert who works with them. I should think a definite stand on anything would benefit my industry. We sure couldn't look any worse or backward.
Just be thankful you don't have those "clowns" in your industry shitting all over it. But, it is too bad you blokes don't have rodeos. They are the ones we shit on over here in the Colonies, when going at the zoo isn't effective in validating ourselves.

Simon De Winter said...

In Europe Cavalia used the Circus's bad image to sell tickets...
it really pissed me off

Wade G. Burck said...

When you read Mr. Lacey's comment it helps you understand how the circus got the bad image. The circus's all got lumped together under the same name, and that, like what Cavalia and Mr. Lacey said, pisses me off.