Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shrinking Lot's, Like Shrinking Wildlife Habitat, Is A Worldwide Problem

One month of steady rain, doesn't make small lot's any easier to deal with.  This lot was split by two wall's.  The tiger tent was set against this wall with the guy lines staked out on the other side where part of the performers trailers were parked.  The menagerie top, seen in the below post was set up on the other side of the other wall, with additional trailers and equipment.

Although my "tent show experience" is limited to 9 months on Circus Vargas in 1981, I don't ever recall losing part of the lot to an abandoned cock fighting ring.  Maybe now I have truly seen it all.  :)

Poncho Aguilar setting up his new menagerie top, in a blinding rain storm.   In response to "blue bloods" or "Generational(many generations)"  being the backbone of an industry,  Poncho, like many of us, joined the circus setting up equipment, before becoming a foot juggler and slack wire artist.  He now has 4 circus's.  Not bad.  It is easy to rest on the laurels of what your family did 3 generations back.  It takes something different to be your own person and create something.

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