Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Circo Aguilar--Chincuonca

Poncho and Ricardo Aguilar's solution to small, shrinking lot's is to front another unit with a smaller top.  Just incredible!!!!  If you recall, I posted photo's a few months ago with pictures of the new yellow and green top and menagerie that was delivered.  This week a new red and white top and menagerie was delivered and set up.  I talking complete new, from seat jacks to fencing.  My understanding is the other top is 22 meters across and this new one is 18.  It was set up and performed in this week to work out any kinks, and will be used for the new show, which will give the Aguilar's 4 unit's on the road along with Circo Chino run by Polo Aguilar.

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