Saturday, June 16, 2012

For Radar

I am not saying for sure, just offering it up for speculation, but this photo supposedly taken in 1979 sure looks like Shorty Shear(sp) who was the groom for Sita, Muna, and Dunu whom we were discussing a few day's ago.   If that is the case, that this is Shorty, the elephant might be Sita, Muna and Dunu.  I'm just saying.........


Ryan Easley said...

Was one of the three much larger than the others? If it is 1979, and these are those three, then this should be Gran Circo Union in Mexico.

Ryan Easley said...

I found these three in a 1959 Billboard article, though not by name.

Hunt Opens in Dover; Adds Land to Quarters
24 - Capt. Roy Bush, elephant quintet, and Junior Clark, elephant trio.

Referencing the records of Bob Cline, Roy Bush's quintet is composed of the group imported in 1948 from "Mysore Palace or the Bengalor herd," purchased by Madeline Parks for Charlie Hunt and trained by Louie Reed, followed by Roy Bush. They were CHANDRA, DINNU, MUNA, RHANEE and SITU. Junior Clark's herd would have consisted of SPARKS JEWEL, DOLLY and BLANCHE, all three purchased from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus (DOLLY in 1926, SPARKS JEWEL in 1928 and BLANCHE in 1940).

Ryan Easley said...

Another for you, from Billboard 12/23/1957:

Capt. Roy Bush, elephant superintendent, with Junior Clark and Shorty Sharp.

Wade G. Burck said...

Most likely the picture is dated incorrectly, if they indeed were in Mexico then. Shortly never went to Mexico, and those are "gringo's" watching him.