Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Lifelong Dream Realized


When I was 18 I made a list of "Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die."   I have been lucky enough to do 5 of those things at this point in the winding, twisting, zigzagging road that has been my life.  Last week, I was blessed by being able to fulfill  #6 by taking live game with a Golden Eagle.  Two rabbit's and a squirrel!!!!!  Yeah for Madonna and I!!!!!!   Just an incredible, incredible experience, and I want to thank Falconer Jesus Gutteriz from the bottom of my heart.   Jesus had his Peregrine along, but we didn't happen upon any game in a Peregrine's league so we just free flew her.  When a Peregrine gets in a grove with the high mountain thermal's, and then stoop's out of those thermal's it is a sight that is just unbelievable.  It can't be described, you have to see it live. 

I have always wanted to try to make a Falcon hood and after receiving invaluable instruction from Jesus I have started one.  I should have it finished today as it is an off day and we are not training tigers.  I will post a picture of the finished product, if I think it is good enough.  If not, the world will never lay eyes on my feeble attempt.  :)


Bruce the Clown said...

What are the other four?

Darryl said...

I care for all the birds here that include 1.1 martial eagles, .2 african fishing eagles, 1.0 European eagle owl, 1.0 redtailed hawk, 0.1 harris hawk, 1.1 african crested eagles, 0.1 peregrine falcon,0.1 hawk. Have enjoyed this experience and am learning about training and flying these awesome birds.