Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dwasala Elephant

The mahout knew elephants from head to tail, and he was very well acquainted with the three grades that compose the breed. The least valuable of all are the Mierga--a light, small-headed, thin-skinned, weak-trunked and unintelligent variety that are often found in the best elephant herds. They are often born of the most noble parents, and they are as big a problem to elephant men as razor-backs to hog-breeders. Then there is a second variety, the Dwasala, that compose the great bulk of the herd--a good, substantial, strong, intelligent grade of elephant. But the Kumiria is the best of all; and when one is born in a captive herd it is a time for rejoicing. He is the perfect elephant--heavy, symmetrical, trustworthy and fearless--fitted for the pageantry of kings.

'Instead of the animal industry always having to defend death's or physical problems such as leg's or feet, I suggest it would be beneficial if someone would finance a study to see how long the Asian mahouts have been selling their junk, to the uneducated of the captive animal world........... "weak-trunked" might be an answer to the mystery of "trunk paralysis."  Recall a while back I had pointed out that I had noted "thin," needle trunks being on "small-headed" animals?  The value of an animal such as an Arabian horse, run's from 250 thousand dollars all the way down to "take it off my hand's and I'll pay for shipping.'

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