Sunday, June 24, 2012

Col. Joe

The other day, the picture above was posted on "the history channel."   I sent this comment to America's Foremost Elephant Expert(is that right, Radar?)

     I realize this photo was taken at an odd angle, but does this elephant's foot and lower leg look odd to you?  Thank you.

Wade Burck

Apparently, the comment was deemed "unseemly" because it found it's way to the dumpster, and was never posted.   In attempting to write "elephant history" to you folk's really think you are getting the real skinny, or are you touting feel good jackpot's as historical fact?  Radar, any word on the "odd" entry in the elephant data base as to pod, only two day's after death occurred, that seems to have been changed?   While you are at it, I had an interesting phone call yesterday.  Check real hard and see if he was actually sold to Krone as records and reports state, or if he was in fact owned by someone else, and rented to Krone?  Just out of curiosity..........

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