Friday, May 18, 2012

Zuluana--Year Unknown

 Zuluana, a young white rhinoceros abandoned in the rhino sanctuary at Hluhluwe Game Reserve in Northern Natal, is bottle fed by zoo keeper K. de Waard.  There are only some 40 white rhinoceros left in the wild and Zuluana is the only one in captivity.

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Greg May said...

Growing up, the King of Aquaria took time out from his fascination with cetaceans for rhinos! When Lion Country Safari opened in south Florida in 1967 I begged my dad to take me just so I could see 'Gus' - a 3 1/2-ton white rhino. I begged my dad to drive through the preserve three times so I could ogle Gus. The male rhino was tethered to his tiny island! During the last drive-thru a lion jumped up and dented the hood of my dad's 1965 Dodge Dart as it ogled us through the windshield. Before we left the park, I was drawn to a pond called 'Lake Victoria'. A harbor seal with cataracts popped its head above the water and we ogled each other. I thought the poor blind seal was out of place.