Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sacha Houcke's Sr. and Jr.

Sacha Houcke Sr. 

Sacha Houcke Jr.

'I went to see the Ringling Show last week in the new building in Mexico City with a well known horse trainer, and as the tickets were comped I don't want to bad mouth it.   I will instead quote the horse trainer upon seeing the horse acts,  "just awful."    An end ring of miniature horse's, which the horse trainer described as "worse then awful,"  a center ring of 6 former Houcke animals, and an end ring of, this one I will describe as I know Arabians,  " four of the scrawniest, most poorly conformed, terrible looking grey horses I have ever seen in a circus ring."  Other then that, production wise Nicole and Alana Feld have done an incredible job with the show.   I found the large screen tv "distracting" and noted most of the audience looking up at the screen, instead of watching the live performance.  Noted the owner of the most famous circus in Mexico, "this is like sitting at home watching a dvd."  My favorite part of the show was the music for the high wire act.  The elephant act?   I prefer to pretend like it wasn't even there, it was that memorable.

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