Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Simon De Winter--Nut's to you, Pal!!!!! :)

Hi Wade,
Just found out the Casselly family is going to Ringling...
Now they're taking our elephants too :P
Hope you are well!

     "Taking our elephants too!!!!"  You are insane.  You owe us big time, and we are just collecting on the debt.  We gave you the first White Tiger act in Europe as well as Col. Joe.   Sure, you gave us Charly Baumann and Gunther Gebel Williams and I'm the first to admit the White Tigers and Col. Joe were weak repayment, but it was repayment none the less.   Your bill is due Simon, and the Casselly's are coming to the Colonies.  That's it, live with it..........   If they need any assistance they can contact the esteemed Col. John Milton Herriott.  He love's African elephants.    All we have left here that can still be called an elephant act, is the fine work the Frisco boys, Joe and Tim have produced, despite the help of that nit wit Joey.


Simon has a great circus blog.  Check out the link below:

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