Saturday, May 5, 2012

Curator, I tried to answer you on the "history channel" but I got whacked with the wreaking ball

Chic Silber said...
You just won't give up on that

phony title will you Wade

I'm sure that you've beeen called

many things besides your name but

that doesn't really change it
05 May, 2012 08:52

Blogger Jim Zajicek said...
Ask the Avg. Person on the street today to name a Elephant and Kirstie Ally will be your #1 answer...
05 May, 2012 10:56
 Vincent Manero said...
Hello Wade,

From an American point of view you are certainly right. But like Jumbo, Colonel Joe was famous on both sides of the Atlantic. King Tusk was an American legend first. Everybody here in Europe is deeply saddned of Colonel Joe's death. He was not just an amazing Animal. He was the sympbol of Europe's lagest Show and the traditonal Circus.

Question to Wade or Buckles: did Tommy ever performed in RBBB Elephants acts or did he appeared in the specs only?


    That may be true, but like King Tusk I gained fame with only one name.

Wade Burck

       Why are you taking shot's at Kirstie Ally?  What did she do to you?  I'll bet if she weighted another 200 lbs. and you could put her on the bally,paint a banner that said, "Believe it or Not, this butterball hen blew out of Kansas, Dorthy," and charge sucker's two bit's to walk up the steps and look at her, you would be singing a different tune, pal!!!!!

Wade Burck

       No, he did not perform on RBBB.  King's don't perform, they only appear in parade's or review  the parade passing by.  His sheer presence made him more spectacular doing nothing but walking by or standing there in a bejeweled robe looking "kingly."

Dan or Radar,
      Col. Joe's location is listed on the data base as "Platschow Elefantenhof",  What's up with that?  How long was he there?  Wasn't he listed as being on Krone prior?  That has to be a record "record change".

Wade Burck


Vincent Manero said...


Thanks for the info concerning King Tusk.

To the best of my knowledge, Circus Krone opened his 2012 season without Elephants until Colonel Joe's death. It seems that they had plans to send the all herd to Sonny Frankello place (Platschow Elefantenhof) but they finally stayed at the Kronebau because it was to late to move Colonel Joe. He was put to sleep in Munich as far as I know.

Wade G. Burck said...

It wasn't really information, I was just goofing, unless you are referring to the castration procedure on the "history channel." Odd that the question was skirted when I first mentioned it, don't you think. It's you I thank for the information. It seems even odder now that his location is listed as Sonny Frankell0's place and listed as dead such a few short days after the fact. I guess we will just have to wait for Dan or Ryan.
I am glad you had a good time again this year on your annual trek to the Colonies.