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Courtesy of Cha Cha--European Division

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Colonel Joe sei aufgrund seines hohen Alters gestorben, sagte Circus Krone-Sprecher Markus Strobl. Der Elefant war nach seinen Angaben schon über 60 Jahre alt. Tierschützer hatten das Alter mit 48 Jahren angegeben. Dieses steht Strobl zufolge auch in den Verkaufsdokumenten, aber ein Experte hat die Altersangabe später korrigiert. Die Lebenserwartung für Elefanten liege bei 60 Jahren.

Der Zirkuselefant sei nicht krank gewesen, hieß es. Lediglich unter "einigen Alterswehwehchen" habe er gelitten. Erst im März sei er daher zur Reha auf einen Elefantenhof in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gezogen. Die ganze Herde habe ihn begleitet, da Elefanten nicht getrennt werden dürften, erklärte Strobl. Es sollte dem Colonel besser gehen, daher seien alle überrascht und erschüttert von dem plötzlichen Tod des 3,50 Meter großen und sieben Tonnen schweren Dickhäuters.

'Until Marco Kirsten get's here, below is the best translation Cha Cha, Vice Pres. European Division could come up with, and thing's don't always translate correctly via internet, so it may not be correct.   It seems Markus Strobl, Circus Krone spokesman is saying that the elephant's were taken to Elefantenhof which is odd.  Odder still is the stating of Joe's age as 60(accepted life expectancy of an elephant)years, when it is a known fact that he was 48, born in 1964.   When corrected he states the age is listed as 60 years on the sales document.   Odder still, because why would you exaggerate the age on an animal sales document, especially an elephant?  In this day and age it is so very important to have all your fact's right.  You can surely bet the opposition does.......'

Colonel Joe had died due to old age, Circus Krone said spokesman Markus Strobl. The elephant was according to his information back over 60 years. Animal rights activists had given the age of 48 years. This is according to Strobl in the sales documents, but one expert has corrected the information later age. The life expectancy for elephants lie at 60 years.The circus elephant had not been ill, it said. Only in "some Alterswehwehchen" he had suffered. In March he was so drawn to rehab a Elefantenhof in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The entire herd had accompanied him, as elephants should not be separated, said Strobl. It should go to the Colonel better, so were all surprised and shocked by the sudden death of 3.50 meters wide and seven-ton pachyderm.


AIWS said...

Official circus krone's page:
in 2004 Colonel Joe has celebrated his 40th birthday, very strange how suddenly he got older. . . : /

Wade G. Burck said...

You have got me. We have been trying to sort out the "mystery." The elephant database, while not perfect, is a pretty reliable accounting of most elephant's known. Originally the location of death was listed as Elefantenhof Platschow two day's after the fact, which was remarkably fast record updating for the database. Newspaper accounts all stated the Krone bau as the death location. The death location has since been changed to "unknown" in the database. I have contacted one of the record keepers of the database, who is a frequent contributor to circusnospin about the discrepancy, but as of yet have not been offered an explanation. I suppose your guess is as good as anybody elses.

From the elephant database, which has a picture of Dillinger when he was a yearling in 1965, at the Los Angles Zoo:


† SSP Number: 679 - Colonel Joe (Dillinger, Wise Guy)
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age: Male 48 years
Status: castrated
Dead date: † 2012-05-02?
Death reason: age:
Facility: Circus Krone
Born: 1964 wild
Body height (m and feet): 3.50 meter, 11.5 feet
Body weight (kgs and pounds): 6800.00 kg, 14960.00 lbs

The North American Regional Studbook for the Asian Elephant formerly listed this elephant with a Temporary Studbook Number (T2143), lacking "supporting documentation to validate their identity." However, the 2010 Edition updates his entry to #679.

Records about Colonel Joe (Dillinger, Wise Guy) was updated
2010-11-14:height and weight
2011-03-22:Previous locations, Name, Text RE
2012-06-07: death location not confirmed

What????? Death location not confirmed 21 day's after the fact, when it was originally confirmed two day's after death, then changed a week later to "not confirmed?" As far as I know, and someone correct me if I am wrong, that is unprecedented with a captive elephant.

What give's Dan Koehl Administrator or Ryan Easley Assistant of the elephant database?

Wade Burck

AIWS said...

Good morning, Wade.
Well, I think that 'the elephant database' has nothing to do with this.
There is always a possibility to contact circus krone and ask them, they MUST know everything about this, but I'm not so sure that they would like to share the truth. . .
I really understand why it was changed to 'unknown', how to know which one is the right one?
Some time before his death Colonel Joe was in Elefantenhof Platschow (circus krone's announcement in newspapers as well). . .
Was Colonel Joe transported shortly before his death back to Munich? If yes, things are getting even more interesting.