Sunday, May 13, 2012

Carousel's Revisted

Does anyone know what show this is?


John Herriott said...

Ringling for years had a 61 horse carousel done over the years by John O'Brian, Denny Curtis, Rhoda Royal and other principal horse trainer. Jorgan in 1924-25 had 72 horse ponies,zebra,camels tableaux=caqrousel.

dpowhitetiger said...

Walter L. Main Train Wreck Memorial Service
Tyrone, PA from 5/30/2012 to 5/30/2012

Adam Forepaugh - Barry Lubin “Grandma” Tent No. 2

Circus Fans Association of America

Altoona / St. College, PA

Wreath Laying by Forepaugh-Lubin Tent for Walter L. Main Train Wreck

The Adam Forepaugh - Barry Lubin “Grandma” Tent No. 2 and The Tyrone Area Historical Society will jointly hold the memorial service at 10:00 am on May 30, 2012, for the five people who lost their lives in the Walter L. Main Circus Train Wreck of 1893.

The service will be held at the exact site in Vail just four miles north of Tyrone, PA. Service will include representatives of the Circus Fans Association, Tyrone Masonic Lodge, Tyrone Elks, Tyrone Sportsman Club, Township Officers an local dignitaries. Susie O’Brien, Tent Historian and co-author of a book on the tragedy, will give a brief history of this memorial event. Rev. Norman Huff, Lubin Tent Chaplain, will perform the service. The Tent will place a memorial wreath at the site.

The Forepaugh-Lubin Tent and the Tyrone Area Historical Society have provided leadership over the years in memorializing the wreck. Descending a steep grade, the Walter L. Main circus train jumped the tracks enroute to its next stand, with equipment shattered and scattered across the landscape. Many of the animals in the show's fabulous menagerie took to the woods. With the help of townspeople and others, the circus was back on its feet within a few days.

Wade: I was totally unaware that the Walter L. Main Circus had a Carousel Act...Thanks for posting..Lubin Tent has conducted a Wreath laying Service the past eleven years. In 2009 LULU & CHANG Carson & Barnes Elephants under the direction of Tim Frisco layed the wreath. Everyone is Welcome on May 30th..