Monday, April 23, 2012

Toronto Zoo Elephants

 The elephant crates have started to arrive at Toronto Zoo and yet the fate of these animals has still not been properly addressed. It has been wrong all the way down the line. Refresh your memory and read Toronto Zoo Elephants In Trouble.

No-one is in any doubt that a move elsewhere is not the right thing to do, unless of course suitable financial support were given to Toronto, but right now I, amongst so many others who actually genuinely care about these animals believe that the move to the PAWS is the wrong move to make. Euthanasia would probably be a kinder option.

Are the Toronto Zoo councillors really going to sit back and watch these animals move to somewhere where their health is compromised? Are all they really concerned about is their kickback from Bob Barker and their chance to hobnob with a bunch of ignorant celebrities? (I am not including those with a little knowledge here).

Councillor Michelle Berardinetti seems determined to ignore the Tuberculosis issue. In fact she denies that it exists. Hear it from the horses mouth here Go to November 6 2011 - Part 2. Councillor Berardinetti has been lamed my name dropping in my eyes. Not something I take great credence from

In 'Toronto Zoo Elephants in Trouble' I asked the question:

"Were the councillors kept in the dark over the TB question?"

Well it seems they were not. Read the three documents below. If the councillors were unaware at an early stage then they certainly not now. What are they going to do about it?

Are elephants really any better off in the so called 'sanctuaries'? Have a think about it.

Deaths in "sanctuaries" under 47:

Ruby (Rafiki), 42 years old, PAWS (African, the funny thing is PAWS tried to claim she was 50...)

71, 26 years old, PAWS (African)

Tinkerbelle, 39 years old, PAWS (Asian)

Sabu, 30 years old, PAWS (Asian)

Barbara, 35 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Tina, 34 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Jenny, 34 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Lottie, 47 years old, Tennessee (Asian)

Ned, 22 YEARS OLD, Tennessee (Asian)

Zulu, 34 years old, Tennessee (African)

The age of death in these institutions mirrors the majority of deaths in the AZA... (Source: Wayne Jackson)

Courtesy of Josip Marcan


The Calgary Herald newspaper is reporting that the Calgary Zoo has decided to remove elephants from it's collection.
Soon there will be no elephants in Canada.

Charlie Grey continues to operate maybe the finest elephant program in North America at African Lion Safari in Cambridge Ontario.

There are a few Africans at Parc Safari in Hemingford Quebec.

Granby Zoo has I believe 2 Africans.

Mike Hackenberger has 1 Asiatic at Bowmanville Zoo.

There is 1 Asiatic at Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Thats it.


Toby Styles

'Two things, first I don't think death in sanctuaries, elephant, horse, dog, feline, etc. etc. has any relevancy, if you consider that the animal's "possibly" may have had issue's before going to the sanctuary.   It's hard to prove that they may not have died in the same period of time, if keep where they were at.   Second, what in the world is Councillor Michelle Berardinetti doing dictating policy for other people.  How in the world did she get elected to a political office, unless we consider the recent archeological discovery above.   I have never heard such a world class suck up in all my life.  Just incredible that she would dump on technically her, to quote Gov. Homer Stokes in O Brother, Where Art Thou, " Is you is, or is you ain't, my constituency?"  I replayed the tape three time's to understand what she was babbling about.  When I realized, in her efforts to "you like me, you really like me" Sally Field style the PAWS folks, she was endorsing dog trainer Cesar Millan, who's "methods" have been called in to question by veterinarians/animal behavorist's for their severity, I put the tape on pause and just stared at the screen.  What is God's green earth does dog trainer Cesar Millan have to do with anything?????  Most importantly, would Councillor Michelle Berardinetti endorse Millan and his methods if he was an elephant trainer?  After all, I thought elephant's is what we were talking about here.........

 Pappy O'Daniel who was challenging Homer Stokes for the Governors seat in O'Brother, Where Art Thou quote's relevant to Councillor Michelle Berardinetti:

I'll press your flesh, you dimwitted sumbitch! You don't tell your pappy how to court the electorate. We ain't one-at-a-timin' here. We're MASS communicating!

 Moral fibre? I invented moral fibre! Pappy O'Daniel was displaying rectitude and high-mindedness when that egghead you work for was still messing his drawers!


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Calm down, and try posting it again, as it can't be found as posted. :) What a mess that is up there. Being involved with the same situation at Hawthorn I can sympathize with the zoo folks involved.


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