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Toronto Zoo Elephants--CircusNOspin-North

Hi Schlitzie,

Yes...apparently Toronto did lose it's AZA accreditation....mostly due to the way the city councillors ignored zoo staff.  Not a bad reason, since politicians know zip about animals....but there's probably much more to this subject than meets the eye.

I'm sure it's all part of a political game that has everything to do with money...and nothing to do with animal welfare.  

Anyway...Here you go.
There are more details in the comments than the articles about what's going on, so I've included a few of the more interesting comments below.

Lots of interesting comments on these articles.

It appears the greyed out sections apply to Toronto.

This section seems the most pertinent here:
6.4. While the governing authority may have input, the decisions regarding the animal collection must be made by the professionals who are specifically trained to handle the institution's animal collection, staff, and programs. 

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I would personally like to commend Office Jefe CircusNOspin-North,  for his fine job of finding fact's and getting them to World Headquarters rapido.  Let Mr. Laurel be an example for one and all.

We are glad to have you on board, Stan.   Although you have been with the organization for quite some time, I am glad to finally publicly acknowledge you, and thank you for your diligence.


'Schlitzie also suggests folks read 5.1 as it finally defines the term "accident," in the zoological/marine park world.

The governing authority (City of Toronto) interfered in the operation of the Zoo and disregarded the professionals who are actually charged with the task of caring for the collection. So the problem is City Council can over ride those actually running the Zoo which is a violation of this standard.

However...This is the bigger & greed:

The CIty's Executive Committee on 2012-04-16 has given the authority to sell the Toronto
Zoo to the Feds. Why? Because there is no way a private consortium will purchase the Zoo with or without A.Z.A Accreditation.

The KPMG report to the Core Service Review last year,stated that the City should not be on the Zoo business. Mr Ford is doing something positive ,requesting PARKS CANADA to take over the Zoo as part of the newly urban park the "Rouge River National Park".

And of course...these subjects spread to include anything related:
"The Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) is still considering the case and has placed the Toronto Zoo in suspension pending a report from zoo staff in September."

 This comment below was interesting....although I have no opinion on the Florida facility....or know if it's even been built yet?  However, I guess nobody is offering to pay for transport...;)

The Toronto Zoo staff had carefully chosen another home for the elephants. The National
Elephant Centre located in Fellesmere, Florida. It is larger than PAWS, warmer climate than PAWS will have access to Disney's vet care staff and the elephants would have an opportunity to meet and interact with elephants of all ages. Most importantly the elephants there will not carry or have TB – which elephants at the PAWS facility (despite denials there are documents to this effect online) do.

'To quote the great Buckles Woodcock, "...silver threads among the gold....."  For folk's who are confused over animal right's issue's, make yourself versed on fact's not emotions, so you can distinguish the silver from the gold.'


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