Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spurs/Bullhooks--Are they different or are they the same tool?

Enlarge these photos of Madame Col. Dianne Olds Rossi and an officer in the Bethel, Penn. mounted unit to view a roweled spur with varying degrees of "sharpness." They also have two form's of "control" for their one ton animal, in addition to spurs, a bit. Madame Col. additionally has two dressage whips because of the advanced behaviors Fire Magic performs, that the police officer doesn't have given the basic behavior's his horse performs. Why the effort to begrudge an elephant trainer even one to "control" his 3,4, or 5 ton animal? Ask the officer and Madame Col. to get rid of their bit and spur's and still conduct their duties and performance day in and day out. Feel good bridle less demonstration are temporary exhibition's done in a controlled environment, with the bit replaced and used to practice. It is not performed out in the open, day in and day out, with the bit removed, never to be used again. A feel good bridle less demonstration is what the elephant trainer at Monte Carlo did........ The magician's trick has been revealed, and now you have some fact's with which to make a decision on the bullhook. Change the name of a spur to "encourager" and it still serves the same purpose of a spur. Call a bull hook an ankus, a guide, a conductor's baton, or a magic wand and it still serves the same purpose of a bull hook. What ever became of calling a "spade a spade?" Activist's will wrongly tell you a bull hook is not necessary and it should be banned. That's because in their world of spin and misinformation, they know it is indeed necessary, but if it can be banned that is another step in stopping the performance of elephants. They won't ban the spur, because it would be impossible to stop 10 million horse trainers and their performance. Much simpler, and cheaper to stop 10 elephant trainers and their performance. If those 10 elephant trainers were of color, the female sex, handicapped, or immigrants the "whining my world, all mine far left" would be clamoring to their defense instead of banning them into non existence.


Bruce the Clown said...

Good morning Mr Burck. As usual, you accurately and insightfully cut to the core of the matter with no pc drivel whatsoevr. Kudos.

Your remark about "calling a spade a spade" brings to mind the old story about the young nun, who overhearing working men outside the convent window went to the mother superior to complain about the language. Told that these were men of the world, who oftentimes indeed called "a spade a spade," the young nun replied, "oh no, Mother Superior! they called it a "effin shovel!"

Have a great day!

Wade G. Burck said...

An "effin shovel". LOL Thank you for that.
I have often wondered if the "political correct/It's my world, and nobody else's zealots" have a hard time sleeping at night, knowing how they have hamstrung humanity. But then most likely in their Private Idaho, they don't give a damn about the world, as long as they get theirs.


klsdad said...


Quick question...

Have you.. or anyone you know of, done a test with a hard rubber ankus or spur as a substitute??
Do you think it might be an answer??
Hey... You know I care!!

Wade G. Burck said...


Why in the world use hard rubber. What we currently have is harmless and has worked well for thousands of years. Why change? There is no better product then iron, stainless steel, or German silver, in the case of a real fancy, real fine hand engraved(preferably by Garcia or Voyt) with jinglebob's and a 3 1/2 in. 16 point down rowel and a 2 1/2 in. Tom Mix up rowel for your chaps, for spurs or bull hooks. If it is soft rubber what is the point, no pun intended, because there would be no "point," get it. :) A hard rubber, plastic, nylon type product that wouldn't become brittle in the cold and crack or break, would have the same contact area as a spur or bull hook. Again I ask, so what would be the purpose of changing. There is a rubber bit made for starting some young horse's or some that have sensitive bars. A hyper horse that gums/chew's the bit will sometimes be more accepting of a rubber bit.
About 20 years ago bull hooks with a nylon or fiber glass handle/shaft became all the rage, instead of a traditional hand shaved hickory handle/shaft. A very few experimented with a golf club shaft/handle, with mixed results in an effort to miniaturize/make smaller and harder to see, their bull hook. But they all had a traditional hickory shaft/handle out in the possum belly, or in their trailer(like the bride less rider and the "running free" trainer puts them back in the bridle when they get home or back in the controlled training pen if you are a Flying Frenchman. Other than than, no product is known to man that can surpass leather and iron and wood in the world of animal training, and I don't see something being developed anytime soon.
If you don't like a bull hook or spurs, I suggest you also don't like a dog collar and leash. It's not the tool, it is the person who has it in their hands. Those that use it improperly, deemed improper by folks educated in such matter, should be heavily fined monetarily at the least, incarcerated if that is their choice, exterminated off the face of this earth if they still don't get the message.