Sunday, February 19, 2012


This excerpt, from a private email from Simon DeWinter: "Did you know Antwerp zoo is relocating its asian herd to a brand new exhibit in its other park "Plankendael"? Antwerp will host young bulls in the future." surprised me as I was not aware that Antwerp had a "satellite zoo." Another great day, as I learned something new. Simon, who is currently in his masters year of communication at Antwerp College has a great European Circus blog

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Anonymous said...

It's not a compleet breeding herd yet, they dont have a bull elephant. Hagenbecks current breeding Bull Hussein will be moved to Plankendael sometime this year, after Hussein is moved to Plankendael, the 13 year old bull Thisiam will move from Katowice Zoo to Hagenbeck.


Jim A. said...

Antwerp Zoo is a interesting place for several reasons. Some buildings are quite old, but functional. The animal collection is great (consider they got many of the first animals from the Belgian Congo.) Its location is also interesting - it's in the center of the city right next to the big railroad station. In fact you can see the tops of trains and the electric lines just past the "mountian tops" of the sheep and goat yards. They don't have room to expand. They had a good dolphin program that was moved to Plankendael years ago. At least they have a place to place a elephant breeding herd.