Friday, February 17, 2012

The New Issue of Spectacle Magazine Online Available

The new issue of Spectacle is now online at It includes an extensive gallery of images from Monte Carlo, publisher Ernest Albrecht's
review of the recent festival and background information about the history and management of the Monte Carlo festival.

"Author/Circus Fan Of America Ernest Albrecht was recently sent a copy of a recently published "circus book" for his review, and he respectfully declined as he was mentioned in the book. In my mind, that is a pretty noble stand to take. It is often to tempting to "sugar coat" something beyond what it is that has been done by a friend or mentions you in favorable terms. It is just as tempting to "slough" something great that has been done by an enemy or mentions you in unfavorable terms.

I will have to take exception to this comment in the Monte Carlo Festival review "
He is in one of the aisles that circles the tent, giving barely audible spoken cues, proving that it isn’t the bull hook that gets an elephant to work" in regards to an elephant seemingly working alone.

Folks, fans and professionals alike, we have got to stop making excuses or patches for the elephant hook. It is no different then a spur or a whip, or a spray bottle, except if it is in the wrong hands. It is the individual, not the tool that abuse's. The elephant was in fact working because of the bull hook regardless of how far away it was. The hair brush on the table your parent's used to paddle you with wasn't why you behaved proper, it was the threat of that brush being picked up off that table that made you behave properly. In order for it to be effective, initially it had to be used, so you knew what it purpose was. After that it was totally up to you whether it came off of the table and was engaged, or stayed where it was. In order for a leg to be placed against a horses side and he moves away from it, initially the leg/spur had to be used. A dog doesn't react to the spray bottle(for goofs who use one) sitting on the counter, he reacts when it is picked up and engaged. It is his option whether it sits on the counter, or is picked up and engaged. In order for even a dog to understand what his options are he had to be taught what the consequences of choosing the wrong option were. Sprayed in the face for the wrong option, rewarded with right option of not getting sprayed in the face, and reinforced with a food reward. He learns to choose the right option, if he has any sense at all, because he respect's you, and just as importantly he knows the spray bottle is close at had, should he "forget" and need reminding. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE BULL HOOK, UNLESS YOU ARE ALSO GOING TO BAN SADDLES, BITS, WHIPS, SPURS, DOG COLLARS, LEASHES, ETC. ETC. INSTEAD INCRIMINATE THOSE WHO USE THESE TOOLS IMPROPERLY!!!!!!'

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