Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Monkey Islands-Fejervary Zoo/Mother Goose Land

1990 New Monkey Island which became Cougar Island housing 4 cougars.

Year unknown. Those don't look like Rhesus monkeys to me?


Built in 1928, 70 Rhesus monkey were initially installed. Then monkeys wintered in dens under the island. It was closed in 1978 after USDA issues, and reconstruction was undertaken in 1981. The island was completely demolished and redeveloped using a "new" technique of an artificial rock landscape. The redone island displayed a natural setting for the Rhesus monkeys, and instead of being housed under the island, they were now housed in a building that was connected to the island on the east side of Monkey Island. In the early 90's Monkey Island became Cougar Island.

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