Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For Jim Clubb

The Shrine Circus in question was produced by Frank Wirth who I believe was the husband of May Wirth. I have been able to find this information regarding Frank Wirth produced show's in 1948:

Billboard - 10 Apr 1948 - Google Books Result

This Shrine Circus was in Syracuse, N. York and had the Joe Walsh lions and tigers on the program.

Billboard - 13 March 1948 - Google Books Result

This Shrine Circus was in Hartford, Conn and the account claims the Joe Walsh lions and tigers stunk the place up, which we both know wasn't true because if they were indeed the Court cat's everyone know's "Court's cats shit didn't stink!!!!!" :) Glad you arrive home safe, mate


Jamie Clubb said...

Thanks for the information, Wade. I look forward to seeing the images. I have a few Shrine programmes and understand what you mean!

Jim Clubb

Anonymous said...

Looking through some of those old Billboards, it's amazing how much old 'showbiz' has faded into history - ice shows, big bands, burlesque, umpteen musical and variety acts, dance revues, etc. It's remarkable that the circus has endured, even in the reduced version it is now.


Wade G. Burck said...

Billboard and Circus Report like circus blogs were things that folks "never read that crap." But if you laid your copy down it disappeared. Throw it in the garbage and those same "never read that crap" folks dug like a homeless person looking for a sandwich to retrieve it. A lot of those venue's you mentioned moved to Vegas and Reno. The never changing Circus just never seemed to hold their attention in a permanent long term situation. It does better moving every week, and transportation costs have just about finished that.