Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For Jim Clubb

Shrine Circus programs are notorious pieces of junk(which explains their cheap prices and why there are hundreds left in the stands after the show) with a line up and maybe one or two pictures of acts that appeared 10 years prior. The rest of the phone book size programs are filled with pre paid ad's from local business. The 1948 program apparently had two picture's, one of which was Joe Walsh and his lions and tigers. I am working on getting you a copy of the picture and will post it and send it on to you if it works out. Meanwhile, If you would like pictures of the fellow who starred in the Sphinx Temple(Hartford, Conn.) Shrine Circus in 1980, I can arrange those also. Not only was he youthful and handsome, in the elephant and tiger act he was also incomparable. :)

For some reason the enlargement of pictures on the blog has changed. Now you have to click the picture, then right click "view image" with will enlarge it, then click it one more time with the magnifying glass with the "plus" sign, or what ever it is called, in the middle.

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