Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Jamie Clubb said...

This is Adolph Cossmy, later the family changed the name to Kosmeyer. He was killed in 1930 at Bertram Mills Circus in Hastings, Kent. He was inside the beastwagon, washing the polar bears and slipped over on the wet floor, kicking one of the bears in the process. The bear killed him. Whether it was accidental or not I do not know. The tragic thing was he had locked the beastwagon door and had the key in his pocket, so no one could really save him.

Jim Clubb

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you. Boy, you know your history mate. Young Thomas Bohnner must be pissing down his leg. He is getting a great education from one of the greats.
A similar thing happened years ago when Jose Barrada was mauled badly by a bear. He was feeding them and the procedure was to open the cage door(it was a leash act, so cages were built inside a straight job) and slide the dish in with his foot. That night as he pushed the dish in the bear grabbed his leg and pulled him down. Do folks tend to get careless with a bear Jim. I have noted they seem to take less caution with them then with felines.