Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Circus Busch 1902

I posted pictures yesterday of an act thought to be Hagenbecks, which Jim Clubb and Bjorn Krebbers identifed as a Court act presented by Silvan Kanton ranging in years from the late 20's to late 30's. I wondered at the unusual "cowboy" costume the presenter was wearing and remembered the above Circus Busch poster of their "Klondike" show in 1902. How long did Busch tour the "Klondike" show, and I wonder if the cowboy costume worn by Kanton was a "rehash" from an earlier show.

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Marco said...

Don't think that the show actually toured. Busch owned several circus buildings including one in Berlin where these productions were shown. More posters of the various different productions (Wild West, Siberia, India etc.) can be found here http://www.circusmuseum.nl/index.php?option=com_memorix&Itemid=26&task=result&searchplugin=quick&PHPSESSID=6cc2450e46d651651fc584a4e0c640f1 . Just start clicking through each page and you'll be thrilled by the art and beauty of these old posters. Amazing what kind of shows people had the privilege to see in the past. If that doesn't work just go to www.circusmuseum.nl , click "Affiche", type BUSCH in the search field and hit ZOEK.