Saturday, November 5, 2011

Old National Zoo Pachyderm/Elephant House

Some one help me out here. Wasn't the National Zoo the first zoo in the United State's to successfully breed and reproduce the Pygmy hippopotamus?


Jim A. said...

A quick look at Crandall's Management of Wild Mammals in Captivity came up with Bronx had the first birth in 1919. The National Zoo had a pair that Dr. Mann collected in Liberia that produced seven calves that lived at least a year beginning in 1931. The Zoo had an in with the Firestone Tire Co. where pigmy hippos probably roamed on their rubber plantation in Liberia.

Anonymous said...

Yes and I have news photos somewhere of my dad with them. The nursed, like underwater. Johnny

johnny said...

That elephant house also had the Tapirs, Hippo and newly acquired Giraffe. Thats how my dad got the job because they neede more qualified animal people and Dr. Mann was a great "Circus fan" and liked Circus animal people

john herriott said...

Incidentally the other keepers son at the Elephant house was that of keeper Roy Jennier, brother of famed seal trainer Walter [acircus family] and the head keeper was Mr. William Blackburn who preveiously was Managerie Supt. of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. In recall him coming thru the zoo with suit and starched white collar and those pinz nez glasses. Very Old World.

Wade G. Burck said...

John Milton,
Great insight, thank you for sharing.

My best to you and Mary Ruth,