Friday, January 10, 2014

Zoological Stock Certificates

Translated:  ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY IN HAMBURG registered share.
The Zoological Society was by well-known citizens, including Ernst Merck , HA Meyer and Consul Schiller founded in 1860 in Hamburg. Again, the population of Hamburg was invited to participate in the subscription of shares , which were as a family shares a 375 Shilling and staff shares more than 250 Shilling Banco denominated , issued . The high Senate of Hamburg presented the founders of a site on Dammtorbahnhof over a period of 50 years free of charge. The 15h large garden was created under the guidance of the renowned zoologist Alfred Edmund Brehm (see also Hannover). The opening took place in 1863. The original capital stood on Schilling Banco 915,000 issued in the name shares for each 375 shillings and human shares at 250 Schilling Banco , a . 1863 to finance further expansion work, including an aquarium , additional shares issued . On 17 May 1863 , the plant was inaugurated . For the first director Alfred E. Brehm was named. Already in the summer of 1864 one needed additional capital to build a large conservatory building and renew existing systems. To this was added 733 shares denominated in shillings 500 Banco launched . For electrification , construction of a restaurant business and a concert hall in 1889 a bond of M 500,000 were issued . The zoo was one due to its generous equipment and its rich livestock long the most important zoological gardens in Germany and soon became the cultural and social center of Hamburg. Only with the opening of the Hagenbecker Park the competition was so great that no longer profitable , the attitude of the zoo on Dammtorbahnhof he was closed in late 1930.

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