Friday, January 10, 2014

Zoological Stock Certificates

Translated:  COMPANY " ZOO " IN ELBERFELD.   Elberfeld , the first June 1881 Founder shares , it was until 1903 a total of 913 shares issued ( increased 1899 +1900 ) . The excess of the Company received for charitable purposes , according to statutes.The Zoo Wuppertal, Wuppertal Zoo or Zoologischer also called Garden Wuppertal, counts due to its naturalness with the park-like grounds , the ancient trees and its hillside location now one of the main attractions in the city of Wuppertal . Approx. 5,000 animals in over 500 species from all over the world make their home here . It all started with a private initiative Elberfelder citizens who were corroborated by a first general meeting, the idea of ​​founding a zoo and by means of a joint-stock company as a carrier transpose the proposal of funding into action. Thus, the joint-stock company " Zoologischer Garten in Elberfeld " was launched . The share capital was made up of 860 shares together each M 300 . With Paul Boedinghaus and August Freiherr von der Heydt , Friedrich Bayer (founder of the Bayer company in Wuppertal ), etc. were also on the city 's best-loved personalities to the Supervisory Board and the Management Board. The terrain on Kothen was found suitable and 1880 started with the necessary buildings. The design took over the garden architect Siesmeyer from Frankfurt / Main, who has already participated in the design of the palm garden. Just one year later was celebrated with an initially relatively small herd, the opening . The line took over vet Maas , who was replaced by director Bölsche 1886.Probably due to the competition of the large neighboring cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf came in subsequent years fewer visitors than expected. The company came after 16 years in financial difficulties capital grants and new ideas changed the whole situation a little . After a visit from Carl Hagenbeck was decided to set up groups of animals in Elberfeld . A mortgage shareholder loan and donation of the population were erected for the construction of a lattice- free investment for seals , polar bears and reindeer , a Lion Rock was added.
 Visitor numbers increase significantly in the years 1909-1912, as well as the cost of entertainment. Nevertheless, the G.-V. should from 07/14/1922 decide on the liquidation of the company. The proposal was not approved. The share capital in the amount of 435 100 M was converted in full to Reichsmark. The G.-V. from 09.21.1925 approved a further capital increase of RM 10,000 in preferred shares at RM 1000, which became the property of the city of Wuppertal. Since this is now financially supported the company since years, the city administration decided to final acceptance. On 1 April 1937, the corporation was dissolved and the Zoological Garden Elberfeld taken over by the city of Wuppertal, at the same time 2/3 of the shares acquired. After renovations and additions to the number of visitors increased in 1950 for the first time have increased, in 1871 there were then over a million.

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