Thursday, April 11, 2013


The Cascadia Courier: Tusko the elephant and other sadness


Tusko the elephant rampages through Sedro-Woolley on - HistoryLink



Anonymous said...

Wade: This may interest you: Take care. Sincerely Paul

Anonymous said...

Wade: This was Mohini's last litter. There were actually five cubs. One may have been born the next day. There were five white males and two orange females, but she crushed four of them. The one survivor was the white male named Moni (by the Indian Ambassador to the United States)who was featured in the 1970 Smithsonian article which you have. He died of a neurological disorder in 1970 which I assume was related to inbreeding, and I would guess that's why Mohini was not bred to her son Ramana again. Moni was handreared by Mrs. Reed, the zoo director's wife, in their Maryland home like Rewati was. Sincerely Paul PS: I saw a group of five white tigers at Singapore Zoo on TV recently. I think that may be the best zoo in the world or so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Wade: I saw this on the news this morning, and I'm glad to hear some positive news for a change: Sincerely Paul