Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ghost Zoo--Irving Park Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 1910

 Chippewa Falls businessman William Irvine, his firm, the Chippewa Lumber and Boom Company and L.C. Stanley, established Irvine Park in 1906 through the donation of 165 acres of land.
Construction of the bear pen in 1909 marked the beginning of the Irvine Park Zoo.  The cougar and bobcat cages were built in 1971. 
The size of Irvine Park and the number of facilities within have grown through the years as a result of many generous donations.  

The Park is also home to buffalo, elk, whitetail deer, and monkeys.   Irvine Park has grown to 318 acres and has been a recreational resource of pride for Chippewa Valley residents for generations.

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