Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big 5 African Wildlife Saddle--Skyhorse Saddle Co.

The entire saddle is overlaid in genuine elephant leather - legally harvested in Zimbabwe.

The conchos are all handmade of solid sterling silver by Benny Aldrich, and each one is inlaid with crocodile leather.

The inlaid seat is a beautifully tanned belly-cut crocodile leather.

'What an incredible, beautiful and most importantly, useable work of art crafted by Loren and Lisa Skyhorse(see link below).   Just stunning!!!!!!!  I have been a fan of leather carving and saddle making for many year's and still have all my old Al Shelton and Al Stohlman leather crafting/carving instruction manuals bought in the mid 70's-early 80's.  Al Stohlman and his wife Ann used to also collaborate on some incredible leather saddles.  It is a dream of mine one day when I am to old to train tigers(that day is fast approaching, trust me on that) to "attempt" to hand make my own saddle.   My hat is off to the skilled leather craftsmen and saddle makers of the world.' 

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