Monday, February 18, 2013

Pistol Bit's

Does anyone know if Champion's pistol bit had a port in it?  It has really taken a bite on his mouth in this 1951 picture.

North and Judd W F Cody Gun Bit 1914

'I have always associated a pistol bit with Gene Autry's horse Champion. Growing up with the great movie cowboys of the 50-60's I always assumed Gene was the "originator" of the pistol bit.  I was amazed to recently discover that it seems to have been Buffalo Bill Cody who originated it, or at least he held the patent for it.  Does anyone know of any earlier pistol bits?'

High Noon Catalog(January 30,2010) shows the bit photograph above with this description "Hercules bronze and nickel port Bit produced in 1914 without Colonel Cody’s permission. Only a limited number were built by North & Judd before Buffalo Bill obtained an injunction to quash their production. Cody signature in cursive can be found just below the barrel on the left cheek " 

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