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Arrojado & Jose Maria Manzanares--May 1, 2011


 The first Indulto (pardon) in the history of the corrida de toros in Seville, Spain was for "Industrious", son of Laborious and Sultan, bred by the Marquis of AlbaserradaOn May 1, 2011 history was made a second time when "Arrojado" bred by Cuvillo Nuñez, was given an Indulto (pardon) by Jose Maria Manzanares.  The clip above is a look at the path Arrojado took the day this incredible bovine athlete proved his superiority to incredible human athlete Jose Maria Manzanares, and walked into the history books.  

Bull Fighting Fans/Afficionados have been called everything from blood thirsty savages, no better then spectators at the Roman Coliseum cheering on Gladiators, to ignorant heathens by self righteous animal activists.  Matador's like Animal Trainers have been called everything from torturers of animals to sick bastards worthy of death and deserving of everything thing they received in the way of injuries, again by the same self righteous animal activists, who in actuality know nothing of which they speak, as they have not taken the time to learn what it is about or to understand it.   I watched 30 min. of an American football game last week with a half dozen of my Mexican friends, who sat there staring blankly at the screen, having not a clue as to what the game was about, or what was occurring.  They did not understand it.  I sit with the same blank stare on my face when I watch soccer with them.  I don't have a clue what the game is about or what is occurring.  I don't understand it.  But we don't have the arrogance to tell each other what is right or wrong about something we know nothing, absolutely nothing about.  That arrogance is what set's an animal activist apart from the rest of human society.

In the clip above note at 2:38 when fans/afficionados first realize they may be witnessing history being made.  I sure don't see blood thirsty.

4:43 Jose Maria Manzanares realizes he may be facing something "special" and looks at the crowd to see if they see it also.

5:00 Jose Maria Manzanares prepares the muleta for the kill

5:08  Note the weary bull heaving, worn out, but not accepting defeat

5:38  Bulls comes again, still strong with a superior will, hooking at the matador.  Jose Maria takes that opportunity to brilliantly "show boat" illustrating his skill and will power is equal to the bull.

5:47 The crowd is on it's feet, not because of any blood as activists would have you believe, but by the give and take of two great competitors.  Again note the "blood thirsty" fans/afficionados.  What are they actually applauding and looking on in amazement at?  If Circus fans had been that knowledgeable about what they were actually seeing, and not accepting of mediocre, the circus animal trainer might not be in the state he is in today.

6:07  We see the astoca taken out of the muleta, when Jose Maria realizes this bull is not going to go down easily and will need to be played and tired more.

6:42  Arrojado appears to be finished and about to "throw in the towel" or "tap out."

6:51 The astoca is put back in the muleta in preparation for the kill.

7:09  Arrojado pulls something up from deep down inside, and is not going to stop and lay down.  He continues coming, weary but focusing and following the muleta like he is laser mounted.

7:26  Look real, real close when the "blood thirsty" matador who "enjoys" killing and torturing helpless animals raises a finger to the heavens declaring "let him live.  He has proven himself superior, excelling at what he was bred to do."   The purpose of a bullfight is not to kill the bull, but rather to test his fighting ability.  
7:29 Note the weary but awed look on Jose Maria's face as he walks away.  Note also the bull doesn't pursue him the many times he turns his back and walks away.  Note the same behavior in the clip below of the two bulls fighting.  When the defeated turns and goes away, the one who dominates does not pursue.  Boy, does it enrage the one who dominated when the defeated turns and come back.  That is how you fight a bull.  That is why he keeps charging and charging.  A matador thinks like a bull, he doesn't have the time or the luxury to think like an animal activist, with as little as they know about animal behavior.

7:44  Again, note the "blood thirsty savages."  Are they and crying because the matador has asked for the life of the bull and they are not going to see a helpless animal killed?  They look jubilant and emotional for a different reason to me.  Again, killing is not the purpose.  Proving the bulls worth is.

7:55 The astoca is put back in the muleta as Jose Maria shows the crowd that Arrojado is truly real and as good as he seems.  Jose Maria realizes he is not a rib eye, he is worthy of being a herd sire.  He just has to prove it.  And he does it in one minute, one second removing the astoca to get more play out of the muleta.  Note Arrojado seems to have gotten a "second wind" and is stronger and harder charging then he was over a minute ago at 6:42.

8:56 Does this look like a "blood thirsty killer of helpless animals" imploring the judges?  Or does this look like a man who respects the animal so much he lives for the day when one will prove its self, if not superior to him, at least his equal?

9:04 Astoca is taken out in preparation for the kill.  Jose Maria does not want to kill this animal.  He has proven his worth.  Come on judges, don't you see what Jose Maria is seeing?

9:22 Astoca put back in the muleta as Jose Maria tries one more time to show the bull deserves to live.

9:47  There it is!!!!!  The fans/afficianados see what Jose Maria saw.  Now it is up to the judges.

10:01  The "blood thirsty killer of helpless animals" signifies,  "Oh come on.  Don't you see the same thing I see, right in the middle of it?"

10:30  "My God, look!!!!!  Arrojado is not a fluke.  He is real.  He is a fighting bull.  And I will risk myself to show you again," said the blood thirsty killer who enjoys torturing and killing helpless animals.

11:23  There it is, PARDON!!!!!!  Look again at the blood thirsty killer's face at the moment the judges who can not be swayed by emotion, but rather a standard of excellence grant his request for the bulls life.

11:57 Is the emotion displayed by the owner and breeder of the bull, because he is a "blood thirsty heathen" because he did not get to see the helpless bull killed?

14:36 Watch in awe as Arrojado still has enough "gas" to charge the escort steers and direct them out of the plaza.  A bovine Mohammad Ali. 

The animal activists suggest all kinds of inhuman things about fan/afficianados, owners, breeders, matadors who are a part of a bullfight.  Someone point out those things to me.  You will not see anymore respect and reverence for an animal then you will witness in a bull ring.  Case closed.

How much "torture" do you think an animal specifically bred for it aggression need's in order to become enraged and attack?   When a bovine reaches sexual maturity his if is about dominating, defeating, becoming the "boss."  Note at the end when on bull breaks free and runs, the victor doesn't pursue and destroy him.  The doesn't need to.  That wasn't the point of fighting.  The point was only to establish dominance and defeat.  The point of a corrida de toros is not to kill the bull, the point is to test his courage, fighting ability, and will.  Then he is killed.  Unless he proves himself superior in all way's, then just as a race horse who proves his superior ability by running faster then any other horse to wiln the Preakness, the Belmont, and the Derby he is retired to "stud" spending his life breeding on his superior genetics.  Animals like people are not created genetically equal.  Some have "extra" which make's them stand above the rest.

These animals are not Elsie the Bordon Dairy Cow, that we grew up with as children.  Look at their movements, the suspicion in their eyes.  These are as wild and undomesticated as an animal can be.  Genetically bred for centuries to be exactly that, nothing else.  At 21:46 listen to the animal.  Does that sound like the dairy cow mooing.  Different animal.  At exactly 22:27 note the herd leader communicate "vocally in bovine" by changing the direction of the entire herd with only a slight flick of his head and horn, instantly sending them in the direction he wanted, away from the photographer.  Herd leaders "lead" by pushing, shoving, and forcing, not from the front as Disney movies would have you believe and most assuredly not by "example."  That is a human trait, vocally used as a feel good cliche.  At 23:24 we get a look at an incredible museum,  not unlike the Baseball Hall of Fame,  Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Circus World Museum, or thousands of other place's of honor.  You can't display a superior fighting bulls helmet or his guitar.  He possessed neither of these human possessions.   So you mount and display him, which amazingly some people find objectionable.  The Roger Maris Museum in North Dakota has 31 "cow hide", that's right, cow hide baseballs on display honoring the exploits of Roger Maris and not one single objection.  It is okay to wear cowhide shoes, belts, purses, briefcases to the Football Hall of Fame to look at "pig skin" footballs displayed in a place of honor and vintage "leather" helmets worn by Red Grange, and to the Baseball Hall of Fame to look at "cow hide" baseballs, which were whacked out of the park, but it is wrong and bloodthirsty to display a bull's mounted head, to honor his achievements.   I don't understand supposedly "intelligent thinking, sophisticated" people and how they think.  Maybe someone could help me so that I can be "intelligent and sophisticated" also.

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