Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jose Maria Manzanares

This is the second bull that Jose Maria Manzanares fought on May 1, 2001 the historic day Arrojado(see below) was granted pardon.  This bull was from the same herd as Arrojado, and quite possibly his half brother(same father).   This bull was not pardoned, which is reserved the the exceptional fighting bull.  If you have studied the "standard" of what makes a fighting bull extraordinary and not just another bull, you can understand why he was killed, instead of pardoned.   He had no exceptional genetics worthy of passing on.  If an animal activist can distinguish that "standard" they are knowledgeable enough to tell the fight afficionado, the matador, and the breeder what can and can not be done.  If they can't and they lack that knowledge they can shut up, and let the people with that knowledge do what they do.  Someone convince me that being loaded in a truck with a dozen other of your kind, taken to a feed lot, stuffed with food for a month, then run done a ramp, whacked in the head with a stun gun pin is a better death then what this bull received, who was given 15 minutes to prove whether he was worthy of living or worthy of being a rib eye.  Don't waste my time or yours telling me and other meat eaters of the world not to eat meat at all, and to spare all food stuff animals, because we are not interested.    Then explain to me the arrogance and self righteous thinking that allows you to tell the thousands of people in this video that love and respect the corrida that they can partake of that passion because you do not approve of it and do not share that same passion, love and respect.   I like few vegetables(potatoes and corn the exception) so I don't go to vegetarian restaurants.  But I don't tell others that they can't, and I don't advocate the closing down of those restaurants.  I just don't go because I don't own my world, I share it with others.

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