Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Animals In The Service of Man--1927 Cigarette Cards

Interesting to me is that of all these practices depicted in 1927,  two of them, elephant training and fox hunting are today akin to "dancing with the devil,"  possibly three, as I have no idea if the sea turtle is being caught or used for another purpose.   How is that and what is it about human perception that makes one thing acceptable and another not?    Animal folks in the circus that whine about getting picked on, need to thank your lucky stars you were/are not a fox hunter.   Study the history of the "witch hunt" that was carried out against fox hunting.  Regardless of how you felt about it, by not supporting it, the banning of it just brought the dog's one step closer to your door.   How's fox hunting similar to training an elephant to waltz, you ask?  Just as many people object to fox hunting as object to legal trophy hunting, as object to bull fighting, as object to eating animals, as object to elephants waltzing, that's how it is similar.  Maybe it is time to stop whining about getting picked on, and come up with a valid reason that the world will find reasonable as to why elephant's waltzing is different then fox hunting.  Not with kool-aid but rather facts.

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