Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Is A Reindeer Considered "Domestic" And An Asian Elephant Is Not?

 The paintings were discovered by Denis Peyrony in 1901. The prehistoric people that created this painting probably settled in the area around 25,000 BC.

National Geographic  1919

There are domestic reindeer in Alaska and Canada, but they actually are descendants of domestic Eurasian reindeer that were brought to Alaska in the late 1800s.
Caribou and reindeer are part of the deer family -- related to deer, moose, and elk. But caribou are the only species where males and females both grow antlers. Females and young males have antlers that are similar in size, but older males (more than 2 or 3 years old) have antlers that are much larger.
Caribou and reindeer have been around for over a half-million years, originating in the early Pleistocene. Their ancestors lived at the same time as now-extinct woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats.

RRP Reindeer History in Alaska
Reindeer in Alaska, USDA, 1922


'Why is one species of animal such as a reindeer deemed "domesticated" after thousands and thousands of year's in the service of man, and another species like an Asian elephant, with the same thousands and thousands of years in the service of man not deemed "domesticated" and allowed to be farmed?  Would the same successful management practices that have worked for reindeer not also work for elephants worldwide?  Why in the world do we burn hundreds of tons of stockpiled, confiscated ivory rather then selling it and reusing the revenue for the protection and management of elephants?  Why isn't the farming of a few hundred rhino's and the removal of their horns a viable means of assuring their continued protection in the wild?  There are still "wild" reindeer for the folks that want to view them in their "natural state."  Does anyone know of any "Save the Poor Reindeer" organizations?   How many "Save the Poor Elephants" organizations?  Why don't the bleeder's give a shit about reindeer, yet come close to arm's in their advocating of elephants?  Any "Save the Poor Camel" organizations?   "Save the Poor Yak?"   "Save the Poor Musk Ox?"  Any demands that I am not aware of to build multi, multi million dollar facilities to house them in the worlds zoos?  Has any nitwit judge ever demanded that the Polar bear keepers walk their charges for two hours a day, and don't you dare poke them with a stick?   Any nitwit judge ever demanded that the gorilla enclosure be tilled on a regular basis?   Why was a nit wit judge allowed to demand that the Los Angeles Zoo keepers perform these services for the elephants in the new multi, multi million dollar elephant exhibit.  The deck can be stacked against anything if enough people with an agenda are shuffling the cards.

I wonder, if randomly asked, how many of these "I am having such a good time" people would know how many American servicemen and women have been killed, or permanently cripple to date, protecting their rights?


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