Saturday, June 2, 2012

If You Want A World Class Education Be At Show Folks Tonight

 My first "publicity picture"  1975

"What do you mean it all been done before, John Milton.  Are you insane!!!!!"


John Herriott said...

The lady in the act and in the background with me is one Clara LeVine. She had been a bally broad on Ringling and Cole too and was a blank in the elephant act. My Dad hired her as he felt being a Show broad she would be alright around elephants. She was a pain in the ass and this is on the "Texas Dates". We paid her after the first town and then my cousin Gee Gee came and she knew her stuff. I was around 22 yrs. old. The Cole Bros Elephants.tanglefoot

Wade G. Burck said...

John Milton,
God love you, friend. I trust you will "tell it like it is" till the day you die. LOL My thoughts were with you last night. I had intended to drink a Corona absentee in your honor, but then decided two would be better. Then I decided it was only right that I have two more for Mary Ruth. I trust you and Mary Ruth were pleased and humbled by the doings last night.

My best, ole hoss


P.S. 22??? I was 21, when the picture of me standing on the elephants was taken. Your were candy ass, compared to me Col. Herriott....... :)