Sunday, June 3, 2012

Enoshima Marineland Revisited

Elephant seal  Daikichi 1964-1977  Enoshima Marineland

Noriko add's that she was very fond of this animal, and inquires whether anyone knows anymore about him.  Ken Kawata, Richard Reynolds, Greg May, Jim Alexander?

Noriko, in case you missed it here is a link to a great bit of elephant seal history in the American Circus courtesy of the incredible RJR(Richard Reynolds)
The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": For Richard Reynolds--Goliath/ Colossus?

 Elephant seal Minazou  1993-2005  Enoshima New Aquarium

Enoshima Marineland main tank before refurbishment.  This gives us a good idea of the size of the tank, at the time the largest in the world.  Noriko add's that she can see the lighthouse in the background from her house.

 Courtesy of Noriko Onoe

From Greg May, King of Aquaria:

"From 1954 - 1964 the largest tank was at Marineland of the Pacific containing 640,000 gallons. Then, in 1964 the Aquatarium opened with a tank containing 1,244,000 gallons. But the biggest tank of all was at Enoshima Marineland in Japan. They had a tank nearly the size of a football field measuring 200 ft. long by 100 ft. wide and 28 ft. deep! It was built mostly in-ground to prevent it from bowing in the center. I believe that tank has since been demolished and replaced with a newer amphitheatre-style pool. I would love for someone to dig up and display photos of Enoshima!"

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": For Greg May--Enoshima Marineland

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