Monday, May 14, 2012

Courtesy of Stan Laurel--Vice President Northern Division CircusNOSpin

Hi Wade,

I agree with you on all the training points you've made, and the pilot whale footage was interesting too.  Here's an example of political corruption at work...that will affect everyone.

Proposed legislation would ban elephant bullhooks in Ontario.

Gee...I guess that provincial MP is the husband of the Toronto councillor who wants the elephants gone.   Don'tcha just love corrupt nanny politicians and their childish tantrums? 

Leash laws for dogs are mandatory though, and protected contact for elephants in all AZA facilities by 2015?  Enjoy your tigers while you the inmates are running the asylum.

On another note, this is related to your comments on raw milk, since this guy is one of those leading the charge to expose medical corruption. Have you heard of this vet who worked with Marlin Perkins? 
He makes lots of interesting claims.


Jim A. said...

Joel Wallach was a vet who worked at the St. Louis Zoo during the Perkins era FOR Washington University on a research project. Joel wasn't involved in animal care; the Zoo vet was Dr. Alfred Moeller. Wallach left the STL Zoo about 1969 to work at the Brookfield Zoo and a few years later became the Director of the Memphis Zoo. After that he became involved in nutrition and supplements. He sells himself as a farmboy but he grew up in very urban STL suburbs. Won't comment on his theories but his tales of life on the farm are questionable.

Wade G. Burck said...


Thank you, Jim. Memphis Zoo is where recalled the name from.
He also has a "product" to sell. The one that he endorses..... Incredible number of necropsys, performed in a short period of time, I thought.