Monday, May 14, 2012

JIHAD!!!!!!! Negotiation is Over - The time to escalate is upon us!

Animal Liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

 May 8, 2012
by Camille Marino
On Saturday I was charged with two 5-year felonies (aggravated stalking and making terrorist threats) as a result of a civil disobedience I staged on the campus of Wayne State University on May 2. My actions were just & appropriate and I remain undaunted & focused. We must understand that the disproportionate and excessive response from the vivisection-state complex is a concerted attempt to neutralize a threat… not any threat I uttered, but the one I represent: the rise of the NIO community!
The felony charges are to be celebrated, not recoiled from in fear.
Underground direct action is by far the most effective action we can take. There is no greater high one can achieve than by liberating enslaved animals with one’s own hand. I speak from experience. Or look to Abdul Haqq (formerly Walter Bond), NIO’s Director of Militant Direct Action, for inspiration. He torched three animal holocaust enterprises, permanently ending one of their reigns of terror. But know that the underground cannot and should not have to bear the full weight of Animal Liberation.
The decentralized underground needs a coordinated above ground resistance. And we must not fear a few days in jail or incurring the enemy’s wrath. We must court it and welcome it as it signifies that we have relinquished our impotent displays of tupperware-party activism and have become unqualified threats. The animals spend their entire lives in deprivation tanks inside concentration camps. We have no right or room to complain about the petty consequences we may incur fighting on their behalf. It is our duty and obligation to assume the same personal risk that we would assume if we were fighting for our own children — nothing less is acceptable.
Most activists do not now, nor will we ever, have the benefit of working with groups. So it is up to every individual liberationist to escalate our response to the war being waged on animals. The time has come for us to rise up and bring the fight to the abusers doorsteps… throw our bodies on the machine until it comes to a screeching halt!
As one activist said to me shortly after being bonded out of jail last night: “You are my inspiration. And now it’s time for the rest of us to rise up while you are down!”
There are no excuses left.
The time to escalate is upon us!

Courtesy of John Goodall

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