Thursday, November 3, 2011

Charlotte Walsh--Alfred Court's Leopard Act

Animal Trainer Jim Clubb is looking for any information regarding a set of twin's which were fathered by her husband, Animal Trainer Joe Walsh. Joe and Charlotte were working for John Cuneo and the then Hawthorn Circus Corp. when Joe was killed in a traffic accident while seeing to a disabled vehicle broke down along side the freeway. Charlotte Walsh later married Animal Trainer/Zoo Director Robert Baudy. Any information or whereabouts of Joe and Charlotte's twin children would be greatly appreciated by Mr. Clubb.

Credits - ..::Amazing Animals::.

Amazing Animals Newsletter No.10


Anonymous said...

MR Burck , Its great to see you in your old Ringling wardrobe . Plus it's nice to see the leopards you used to work with ! Nitwit

Wade G. Burck said...

Thank you for remembering. Yes, those were the glory day's. You can't be a complete nitwit, because you addressed me with the proper title. How about if we let you just be a nit, half a nitwit.

Mr. Burck

Sanspareille said...

Their names were Linda en Leido