Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saddlemakers, the ultimate leather craftsmen

J.E.B. Stuart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sometimes a saddle doesn't have to be elaborate to be special. This is the personal saddle of Major Gen. Jeb Stuar, THE greatest cavalryman of the Civil War, bar none. He brought it with him at the start of the war. Can you imagine how many miles this sweat stained piece of history has on it, and it's still good to go. What kind of price do you put on this quality, craftsmanship and material today?

There were many a day, when I wasn't being Roy Rogers, that I rode my pony Dynamite to death, being Jeb Stuart. Bless Dynamite and his kind, unwavering patience. My saddle had two gouges down the middle of the seat. I gouged the seat with a nail to make a pattern, as it was my intention to then get a sharp knife and cut out the grove and make a McClellan saddle like Stuart had. If you are going to use your imagination, you might as well use it realistically, right?

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