Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saddlemakers, the ultimate leather craftsmen

Col. J.H. Ford's Presentation Saddle. An elaborately tooled saddle with patriotic American motifs inlaid in gold with attached percussion pistol holster, with leather pouch attached behind the cantle.

Major Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's saddle

Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan's Presentation Saddle.

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Anonymous said...

Though it's simpler than many, I like the Gen. Lee saddle - very unique. Yes, I can't imagine the iron butt needed to ride on that almost bare tree. It looks like it was in the middle of being built when a battle broke out and Jeb grabbed it as it was.
Actually, makers of handmade saddles today use the same tools they did back then. Vintage tools are very much in demand and sell for three times what the new ones go for. Apart from some guys using fiberglass trees, just about every step is just as it was.
What a cool lifestyle it must be working in an old shop on a piece of art that will outlive you and just focusing on one piece a year.