Monday, April 27, 2009

Rita Labahn--Medrano Raul Gilbault

Rita seems to do a great job, with two animal acts, on a show that has a tough show/tour schedule. She and the presentation look great, but the guy's riding/mounting the elephants is about the most candy-ass geared up thing I have ever seen. Totally unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

The two Indian elephants are ex-chipperfield elephants. Originally it were three elephants: Meena, Letchmee and Kamala. They were on Ringling 1994 - 1999 with Graham Thomas Chipperfield and later went to Medrano with Lee Anthony and in 2008 Rita Labahn took over the elephants and she added her African elephant to the show. Medrano also had two Africans for some years. Daniel Suskow presented those from 1998 - 1999. And later Lee Anthony also presented them. Lee Anthony is now presenting the elephants of Circo Mundial in Spain.

Rob said...

I agree.Rita has a very pleasant style of presenting.
And I am NOT reffering to her outfit in which she presents the tigers.

Wade G. Burck said...

I WAS referring to the costume she wear's in the tiger act!!!! Nice looking girl, and apparently talented. Rare combination in the exotic animal field.

Anonymous said...

hi correct the elephants on Medrano use to belong to Chipperfields. The African elepphants on this show use to belong to Circus Hoffman in England . Not sure how many of the African remain but im pretty sure the one in the act probably originates from the Hoffman troupe .

GaryHill said...

Where were all the HOT lady trainers back when I was grooming lions and tigers? Charly and Jewell, well they weren't much to look at!:)

Anonymous said...

If anybody can help me: I am looking for Rita Labahn urgently. I am a german photographer and I know Rita since her beginning at the circusscene in 1992 in Berlin. If anybody knows, where she is in contract now, please give me a sign. Thank you so much

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