Monday, January 19, 2009

Nic and Gypsy

I have mentioned these two special animals often in the past, Nic in a special way. I first introduced them to each other over 3 years ago, and have told accounts of some of their escapades. I sure wish these folks had contacted me, as I could have probably told them what was necessary to be a Judge Mills Lane and call a draw and send them to their rooms for 30 min. of time out, but it would have taken daily constant supervision, not a once in a while peek. Now it looks like they won't be spending much time with each other any more. It's a shame because now Nic has nobody. Would any of you elephant men take a look at the bottom picture of Nic and Gyp and tell me if it looks like Gyp has a big chunk of her ear missing. The beefs must have been going on for some time. That's a shame, as Gyp was known around the circus as "the pretty eared elephant" for her perfect sail like ears. They have had two years to complete the facility to house him and Gyp safety. I wonder what has taken so long? I wonder how much time somebody else would be given in the same situation?

Courtesy of Ryan Easley


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

If in fact the part of the ear that looks to be missing in this photo is missing (Could just be the angle of the photo) I would lean towards rotted away more then torn. I have seen it a few times with Africans after receiving an injection in the ear (easy access to veins) I watched one elephant who was deathly ill from salmonella, and after receiving a powerful antibiotic intravenously he beat the salmonella but lost half an ear. I am sure Gyp is not beyond biting, but it is unlikely she could have held Nic still long enough to get an ear in her mouth (tails however are an easy target) Does any one have additional recent photos of Gyp?

Ryan Easley said...

In response to your question regarding her ear - yes, in that picture it does look like it is. However, if you look at other pictures on the site of her left ear, it seems to hang oddly. Let us hope that if it is torn, and was caused by fighting, that they have not waited until this point to take action. If it is torn, it has healed if you look at where that vein ends.
You would think by now I would be analyzing photos more closely :)

Wade G. Burck said...

It looked like an old rip that had healed. It did not occur the day that picture was taken. Males have to like you in a sense and be aware of your presence. If I would run into town, my men would quick working. They knew when I was coming back, because Nic would trumpet and go to the end of the pen and stare at the driveway gate. He learned to distinguish the sound of my diesel engine form all others passing by, and would here me turn the corner a mile from the farm.
My eyes have always tended to focus directly on the animal/animals blocking out the surrounding. I tend to look at a mounted rider from the waste down, and couldn't tell you if it was a man or a women unless you asked and I looked again.
I have upset/offended a number of people, who after their act have asked, "what did you think of my new costume", and all I can think to say is, did you know the third tiger from the left wasn't sitting straight, or the 5th horse was limping on his right rear when you asked them to waltz. LOL

Wade G. Burck said...

"I am sure Gyp is not beyond biting, but it is unlikely she could have held Nic still long enough to get an ear in her mouth (tails however are an easy target) Does any one have additional recent photos of Gyp?"

Gyp is the one with the tore ear. Nic is the boy elephant with the tusks and the big forehead. Too bad he wasn't taking a piss you would have know which one he was. LOL I have some pictures of Gyp and Brat coming but I think this picture is the most recent there is. The top picture and the bottom picture her ear appears damaged.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I didn't even look at the top photo the first time I figured it was just a stock heading for the website. It is folded in a strange place. I would guess the ear is damaged judging by the two pics. I would still lean toward an injection causing it, but Nic crushing the ear against something ie. the fence or concrete barn could definitely cause such a wound. A hook boil could spread into a similar wound as well.

Wade G. Burck said...

Looking at the age of the tear under a magnifying glass,(I'm an old man, so just zip it, Ryan) I'm will to bet it may have happened on the trip out to the coast. They went at it heavy for about 15 min when I finally got Nic loaded after Gyp. If the truck and trailer had tipped over I would not have been surprised. I got them settled, but Eddy the driver called me a couple of time on the trip and said it had to pull over, as he thought the truck was going to get jerked off the road.

D Williams said...

I am sure you have seen Gyp much more recently than I have, but I don't remember her ear ever being like that. I would say it is something that is somewhat new.
Maybe there is a way to compare them to some of her arrival in CA photos?