Thursday, March 3, 2016

Theodore Schroeder Revisted

"Business Card" back in the day when it was a respected profession........

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": Theodore Schroder--Animal Trainer and Zoo Curator


Anonymous said...

Dear Wade: I was just looking at these videos on the internet recently. One features Jack Hanna on the David Letterman Show with a cute albino porcupine from Africa. One features a mountain zebra foal born at Blackpool Zoo. One is about the battle for Berlin Zoo:
I hope I got those links right. I was thinking that I think I saw mountain zebras out in the snow at Brookfield Zoo once. That reminds me that the vet who worked there stole those five white tiger cubs from Mr. John F. Cuneo Jr. I better doublecheck these links. There was a great one of a sea monster I couldn't find again. Take care. Sincerely Paul

Anonymous said...

Dear Wade: I screwed up two of those links. They should be: