Friday, January 10, 2014

Zoological Stock Certificates

Translated:  ACTIEN SOCIETY OF ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN IN HANNOVER registered share over 20 Thaler Courant # 388 ; Hanover, 1 March 1865 ; paint. Beige, black , Dimensions: 24 X 28.5 ; registered to Mr. August Gernlein transmitted original signatures of the Board Dr. H. bat and former Minister of State Alexander Baron von Munchausen ( 1813-1886 ) , and the cash master Georg Schultz , back and original signed on March 31, 1866 for the Board : city Manager J. Rasch ; pressure: Wilh. Riemschneider , ( entry on the Talon section). Founder share ! History: " Hanoverian " At the suggestion and initiative of citizens superintendent Dr. H. racket which had informed about the Zoological Gardens London , Berlin and Frankfurt in advance , a commission formed the " Natural History Society" Hanover in March 1861 should review project. It included , inter alia, In addition to Dr. bat at the wine merchant George Schultz and senior teacher Dr. Hermann Guthe . After joint negotiations with the city of Hanover , they agreed on a 12 acre site at Hanebuths block , which leased the city in the summer of 1862 which is currently being established stock association for the establishment of a zoological garden . From 1862 prospects could be entered in the shareholder list . Purpose of the stock association was to promote education and recreation . In accordance with the established statutes a capital should be compiled of 50,000 thalers , issued in shares at 20 dollars Quick came together with a capital of 23,000 thalers , so that the Green decision meeting on 25 Could take place in February 1863 . To the Board had next to Dr. bat and George Schultz city manager Rasch, former Minister of State DA from Munich Hausen , Prof Gerlach of the Veterinary School , Consul and Consul potential C. Wedekind . As an architect Wilhelm Lüer (1834-1870) was engaged , among other things, the Eggestorffsche aquarium built and was then brought by Alfred Brehm to Berlin , in order to build the Berlin Aquarium Unter den Linden . Lüer created a system that should represent a possible real and natural environment in his opinion, the animals and the visitors. In June 1863, a temporary zoo was opened with two brown bears, which attracted 7,000 visitors within three months. On 4 May 1865 could then open the newly built zoo opened its doors. In the center of the complex there was a rock plant with birds of prey aviary , aquarium and caves for predators . The various
Parts of the zoo were connected by a bridge walk bridge. He was a crowd-pleaser , though Wilhelm Lüer fell into the public criticism because of its romanticized castle and rock constructions . Afred Brehm wrote to him : " Hamburg , 3 Octbr . , 1865. My dear friend! . "I have given to you by my views on the running in the local animal garden buildings and even now won no other judgment as before. On the other hand , I recognize happy that you have known how to give your buildings the stamp of peculiarity and originality and got me the impression of entire buildings pleased the more. "The share subscription of the remaining capital was rather slow in the subsequent years , a total of 2,479 pieces were drawn. Gradually, camel, antelope and predator - houses were built . In addition, changing animal shows came to offer. A special attraction was " human zoos " in which people from foreign countries could be seen with their animals in everyday life. In den1880er years large animals such as the Elephant " Marly " or hippos were purchased increased. The First World War brought a decisive event for the Hannover Zoo, the money income fell sharply , the nutritional situation of the animals worsened, the animal houses could not be heated in the winter. The city of Hanover took over the zoo, but could not save him and let him close in 1922. Back on citizens' initiative and in cooperation with the pet trade company rest in Alfeld (Leine) in 1924 , the zoo was reopened with a lion gorge , a predator and a monkey house rocks. In 1932, the zoo completely calm and made him showcase his pet shop 1944, he is then closed again and provisionally opened in 1946. Slowly, the stock was expanded in 1972, the city of Hanover took over the zoo, bought the animal population and received him so changed in 1990 the zoo into a limited company around and sold it to the then Local Government Association, Greater Hannover (now Region Hannover). 
As a result, the zoo was rebuilt for Adventure Zoo, including with means and with regard to the processing performed in 2000 EXPO. In the winter of 2005-2006 the Hanover Zoo in Germany was "first Winterzoo". The successful project is to be repeated in the future.

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