Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tally Ho--Horse Drawn Transportation

Tally Ho 1875 Holland & Holland Builders, London, England
Long Island Museum of American Art, History & Carriages

Internationally famous, the Tally-Ho Road Coach was a catalyst of the road coaching movement in America, which hit its stride in the 1880s.  The vehicle was brought to this country by Col. Delancey Kane, a founder of the New York Coaching Club and the main force behind the popularization of American road coaching.

Written about widely in newspapers and prominent publications of the time, road coaching became a major event, engaged in by upper class society figures and watched by nearly everyone.  Road coaching took hold at a time that many Americans were feeling nostalgic for a seemingly simpler time in transportation, before stage coaches were supplanted by railroad travel.  As Harper’s Weekly put it, “genuine, healthful enjoyment can be derived from one ride out of Pelham Bridge and back on the top of Colonel Kane’s coach than from the whole flying railway trip from New York to San Francisco.”

'I find it interesting that in the 1880's Americans were longing for a simpler time in transportation before stage coach's and railroad.  Little did they dream what was coming.............'

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