Monday, September 30, 2013

This Is What These Objects Are.

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": Does Anyone Know What These Objects Are??

The other day I posted the link above with 6 pictures of similar designed objects and asked what they were.  Bobby Cline( being a country boy) kinda had an idea.  Jim Stockley being British, was suspicious, but that is from centuries of telling the native's, "it's all right. We are just here to advise and assist you."  :)  Elephant folks assumed they were elephant hooks.  One reader thought it might be something firemen used.  Click link about for comments and thread.  Pictures 2,3, and 6 are politically correct show sticks, or as they are affectionately, non politically called in the barn a "calf gaff."  Pictures 1,4,5 are elephant hooks, some centuries old.   Show stick's are used for showing cattle aided by a chain under the chin, which is politically correct "engaged" non politically correct "shanked" to stop them NOW, keep them from shoving on top of the handlers should they spook, and to hold their head up.  Why don't use a leather strap instead of the chair?  Because the leather strap doesn't apply politically correct "irritation," like the chair applies non politically correct "pain", and thus would have the wanted affect of the animal holding it's head up.  Why are chains and a show stick perfectly acceptable for the handling and controlling of a domestic animal, while being perfectly unacceptable, banned in some states, for the handling and controlling of an elephant?  

Below is a video of cattle being show with  footage and explanation of the proper use of the chain and show stick shown at 4:37 to 7:40.  The stroking of the brisket to keep the animal calm, also serves a duo purpose of the animal straightening out his top line by moving his rib's up away from the stroking hook.  Exactly like rolling your spur rowel on a horse's belly to get him to raise his back, getting his back end under himself collected instead of "hollowing out" his back by stringing his back end out behind himself.


Note the cow moving away from the pressure of the hook, stopping from the pressure of the handlers foot.   Note the handlers foot pushing the cow's leg into the hook with his foot, instantly stopping the pressure when the cow back's up.  There are a couple of silly "how to train elephant's" video's currently on line.  Any that I am unaware of that show footage and explanation of the proper use of an elephant hook or chain?   The current "feline training" video's are as lame and staged as the few "elephant training" video's available.  As useful and educating as a horse trainer show you how to put a bridle and saddle on a horse, then mounting up and running a reining pattern.  I wonder if that is the reason why a show stick is accepted for handling, controlling cattle but a elephant hook is not for handling, controlling an elephant.    Everyone claims the activist make up things about the elephant hook.  Why can't anyone make a video on the proper use of the elephant hook?   Is it possibly because no one want's to then have to explain what is going on in the multitude of video's available of a hook being used wrong?  Or maybe it isn't?  Show the folk's, don't let them keep making thing's up.

Recently,  there was a video making the round's showing a horse that had killed it's self after being bitted up and slamming into the walls of a round pen.  Biting up is a standard training procedure for horse's, but being left unsupervised in the round pen, as this unfortunate horse was, is definitely not.  The horse world was outraged and up in arm's and calling for the head of the trainer who had done that to the horse.   But not one suggestion from anyone that we ban the training of horses, or shut down the horse training industry.    The circus animal training industry is in desperate need of a public relations department, and spokesmen who really know what they are talking about through experience, instead of folk's sympathetic to the cause "parroting" something their friend told them, not realizing that the friend misinformed them in the first place.   and some REAL educational video's for people to understand.   Looking at the cow above sure doesn't teach us about the steak that is placed on our plate, or the steps to take it from the show ring to the kitchen.

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